Tuesday, 3 June 2014


ROOM 18:
Alyssa & Geshvin shine on stage!

The Stage Performance 
by Geshvin

On 23rd May 2014 four students from Room 18 and some from Room 17 were on stage to present for assembly. It was the Year 6’s time to shine.

Max appears!

I was one of the main presenters, along with ALyssa. It was super scray presenting in front of 400 people. It was super scary presenting in front of 400 people. It was the most scariest time of my life.

The funniest and craziest part was when, for the Travelwise team, a pukeko named Max arrived (he was a man dressed in a bird suit). He tried to go up on the stage but he fell! All the Juniors laughed and so did some of the seniors. When he got up he scared me so hard because of his eyes. They were bigger than my face!

We sang songs about citizenship and the presenters even had to dance on stage, as well! It was super crazy but I would love to do it again.

Max chats to a couple of Year 6 presenters

At assembly this scary pukeko ran through the door and jumped on stage. It was so crazy. Then it jumped over the little kids and had the whole school laughing. But it was dangerous at the same time
By Darryn

I sat on stage in front of over 300 students. I was called by Whaea Barb to help to do ICT but of a sudden I just had to help out by sitting on stage.
By Giani

Max and the Year 6 presenters dance!

On Friday Year Six was up on stage as Year Eight were at camp for four days. It was so much fun becuase Year Eights were not at school and Year Six was in charge for one day!

By Ayla

Year Six Assembly

On Friday Year Six went up stage to shine because Year 8 had gone to camp.
Well it was so much fun and a great time. I wish it happened every week.
Max the Pukeko came to the assembly and he was so scary! He danced in a funny and a happy
way and we danced with him, too.
It was super fun.
Thank youThe Assembly was great
By Zafira

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