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Room 18 girls listen to Mrs Robinson

Singing With Mrs Robinson

Room 18 sings with Mr Robinson all the time.
One Friday Room 18 went singing with Mrs Robinson and sang two amazing songs called Johnny B Goode and Samoan Skies in front of the whole school of SPS. Mr Robinson came over and rocked the electric guitars so hard it was amazing and we all had so much fun.
By Norry

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Singing with Mrs Robinson

Do you have amazing teacher that treats you like you are part of a band? Well I do.

At assembly Mrs Robinson took Room 18 to sing on stage in front of the whole school. I felt like a million people were staring at me. We sang two songs and they were Samoan Skies and Johnny B Goode. Mr Robinson played like a rock star from the 80’s. When we finished it was so much fun lots of cheering and clapping I hope we could do it again.

By: Maranatha

Singing practice with Room 3

'Secret choir practice with Mrs Robinson.'

Do you sing in secret places sometimes?  Like in the shower… DA, DA, DA? Well I don’t, so don’t look at me.  I only sing in a choir with our one and only Mrs Robinson
in the hall and also with all of  Room 18. We like Lean On Me...  OH have I said too much, nah! Oh and also we sang with Room 3 and helped them sing their song ‘A little help from my friends’ in front of the whole school.  All of this was for their assembly.
By Jayde

Have you ever been with amazing Mrs Robinson to sing? Well I have and I can tell you one thing about her when she sings: every time she sings and plays with her guitar my glasses crack like a window... just joking! I don't have glasses. I mean every time she sings and plays with her guitar I just melt because it sounds amazing.

Am I saying too much? Well I don't think so because Mrs Robinson is brilliant, and by brilliant I mean outstanding because she has a magical voice and magical fingers. That’s why she’s outstanding and all of Room 18 loves her a lot, even me.

By Sela

Showing the lyrics, highlighting the rhythm!

Singing with Mrs.Robinson!

Have you ever been in a class where a teacher treats you like a choir?

On Friday, room 18 performed on the stage and sang two songs. They were ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and ‘Samoan Skies’. Room 18 was very shy but proud! We were all having fun and singing on top of our lungs! Mr. Robinson was rocking those electric guitar!!!

By: Micol

Room 18: Awesome

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