Tuesday, 18 August 2015

ROOM XV: More Persuasive Language!

More Persuasive Language!

Did you know nearly everyday lots of people are speaking Te Reo incorrectly?

FACT:Te Reo Maori is losing its tradition and language.

I think people should start learning Te Reo Maori. Because some Maori  and others cannot speak full Maori. For example Maori names are being pronounced incorrectly on purpose. That's why I think people should learn more Maori.

People should have an hour of learning Maori a day because Te Reo is the main culture in this country. Te Reo  Maori as a culture is fading away as well as tradition and ancient history and memory. Here’s an example, 4% of Maori know full an extreme amount of Maori. My Uncles and other parts of my family know full Te Reo. That’s why I think  people should have an hour of learning Maori a day.

I think people should learn more Maori. Because more than 4% should know full Te Reo. Also my reason is that some Maori people and other cultures are now not noticing this culture and language is the soul of NZ. For example how do you say a group of people in Maori [Iwi] and as I told you only around 4% know Te Reo so they would have not known what it was. They just don't know because they hardly put any effort in. So that's why I think people should learn more Maori.

I hope you agree with these are exciting and powerful reasons are why people need to learn Maori.

Thanks you for listening Hiriira!    

By Nivarah.

ROOM XV: Awesome!

Monday, 17 August 2015


Room XV have been writing speeches this term to convince others of their point of view.
Harishna’s speech tells certainly has a point of view.

Why Owners’ Must Take Control of Their Cats?

Would you like it if all birds were extinct? Well I’m sure you wouldn’t like it. Cats are almost everywhere in the world, hunting lovely,delicate birds. How will they survive?

Only the most sneaky and naughty pets get away with murder, by that I mean cats are killing amazing pet and beautiful,colourful birds. Cats are serial killers!

On Sunday 2nd of August my mum, my mum’s boarder, my brother and I went to a neighbourhood reserve. We wanted to collect some pine cones.Then we saw a dead pet parrot,all of us were in shock. After that scene, we continued picking pine cones. When we were about to go home we saw a dead duckling; that minute I knew a cat would have killed them.

Cats are murdering nearly all of our native birds. Cats are predators to all birds, because they hunt their prey stathly before they attack. There are less native birds in the country than ever before, did you know?It’s because cats are killing those, beautiful, delicate birds. If kiwis are extinct what’s the point of calling ourselves kiwis?

This is why I think that owners’ should take action and control their cats. New Zealand native birds are too beautiful to loose forever!

By Harishna, Rm XV

Room XV: Incredible!

Friday, 14 August 2015

ROOM XV: Run, Jump, Throw!

Run, Jump, Throw!

Ready, Set, Go!

The relay is on!

Room XV, along with their awesome instructor Eric, have been on a fantastic athletics journey this term.

Room XV have been learning how to run faster, jump further, and throw like a champion!
Roon XV enjoying new skills outdoors.
Room XV have taken this opportunity and run with it, ‘like a lion on a hunt.’
JoArnia in athletics actions!

Room XV: Choice!

Monday, 10 August 2015



This term in inquiry Room XV has been learning about human rights and how we should all be treated equally.

Tufele has written an impassioned speech about his thoughts and feeling on equality. I trust you will find it very persuasive.

 Should the world be equal?

I think that all people in the world should be treated as equals. How would you feel if you were arrested for no reason? It is because there are places where people are selfish and don't have empathy for other people. The world will feel like heaven if we treat people all the same; as we want to be treated.

The world was made for us to live in harmony. Because we know that the world is the only thing we can live in. If we do not treat each other equally then all of us in world will feel like we are done. We exist here; where else can you live if we don't treat people the same? That is why I think we should treat one another the same.

Another reason is people were and are ill-treated because of their race, skin and what they believe, which can include religion. Would you like to get along with each other? I would because there's nothing wrong with people's race, skin colour and beliefs. People being different should not matter.

Should people all be able to have an equal right to an opinion? Did you know that New Zealand is the first country in the whole entire world to let women have the right to vote? Everyone should be allowed to express their own ideas freely and be treated equally.

I think everyone should be treated fairly and there is nothing wrong with people's race, skin colour, ideas and religion, because there is nothing wrong being different. That is why I think we this world should be equal.

By Tufele

Room XV: Incredible!

Monday, 3 August 2015


This term Room XV is focusing on persuasive writing and putting it into speech form.

Harishna, wanting her reading group the Takehe to perform a play on ‘Fun Friday,’ wrote a persuasive piece of writing giving reasons why this should happen. She used her classroom learning to think about how she could putting her learning in action and use persuasive writing in a real world context.

Her writing was very persuasive, and yes, the Takehe did get to perform a fantastic play.

Room XV: Learning in Action