Thursday, 11 June 2015


Some students chose 'extreme fitness!'

On a fun Thursday SPS did an extreme ‘Try it Thursday’ to socialise with people in my group, even the teacher, and also to learn new skills.

First, Mr Cowlrick did the role, then Room XV lined up into two amazing, outstanding, super-straight lines. Next we walked in silence to the large school hall.

When we arrived at the hall Oriana Sensei and Whaea Emma called out our number, and the students had to line up with their terrific teacher who was hosting that sport. I was in number 13, which was the obstacle course. I had fun as if I was riding a cool roller-coaster.

'Extreme Fitness!'

Then we trotted to our spot of where the sport was going to be held. My sport was held at the lovely junior playgroud. Miss Orchard said that we could make our own obstacle course and we would be timed to see how fast we could complete the outstanding obstacle course. My time was one minute and nine seconds.

‘Try It Thursday’ was to learn about how to keep fit and healthy, and also to show how ‘Try It Thursday’ can be fun. The obstacle course was to show us that fitness can be fun and had a great time doing it.

By Chloe.

Room XV: Invincible!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Room XV: Report Gurus


Tufele, like all of Room XV has been working on his report writing skills. Here is Tufele's report on 'Big Cats,' a subject close to his heart.

Big cats are mostly found in Africa, nearly every single zoo has some pumas, cheetahs, lions, tigers or leopards.

Cheetahs are the fastest big cats in the whole world. They are faster than Usain Bolt. Cheetahs are found in Africa and they have spots all over them and have really smooth fur like a lion. Mother cheetahs grow cubs [ Cheetah Babies].Some mother cheetahs can grow cubs that will become older and they will become fathers or mothers and have their own cubs.

Lions are mostly found in Africa where they hunt animals. When they get old they hunt for their cubs. For example lions hide under long grass and when their prey gets so close to them they leap out and attack the weak spot to make the prey fall down. This is a lions feast.

Africa has some of the dangerous animals including big cats. Big cats are the wildest animals that hunt their prey.

By Tufele.

Room XV: Invincible!