Sunday, 15 June 2014


ROOM 18:
Ryan's self-portrait

Have you ever had an awesome artist as a teacher? Last week we had to do awesome shpaes with Whaea Dagmar. It was cool.
By Izya.

Usher's self-portrait

Have you ever done art with an artist? Well, I have with Whaea Dagmar.
Last week we did art with Whaea Dagmar. We watched a few videos of Chuck Close, an American artist. We then began to do art like his, which included putting funny shapes on our faces. It was amazing.

By Kunal

Trent's self-portrait
Art with Whaea Dagmer !!!

Last week we had amazing art with Whaea Dagmer.

We had a spectacular day with Whaea Dagmer. We outlined our faces on paper and then traced our faces and then colored them in with two colors.

Once we had finished we outlined it with black and we just looked the same. It was AMAZING!!!

By Trent

Aryan's self-portrait


Last week we had art with the best and most amazing art teacher Whaea
Dagmar. She showed us a video of Chuck Close, an artist that can paint on BIG
cardboard paper.

We did awesome art work with Whaea Dagmar. Our art
work was inspired by the famous Chuck Close’s work.

I liked doing art with Whaea Dagmar. I wish we
could do art with her again.

By Phaydon

Leki's Self-portrait
Art with Whaea Dagmer!!
I like art with Whaea Dagmer because I want to get better at drawing and I like drawing better than reading and writing. I liked art better because we can do cultural patterns to represent my culture.

By Leki

Room 18: Art in Action

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