Wednesday, 25 June 2014


ROOM 18:

Mr Cowlrick joins in the action!

A Blog About Rippa Rugby.

Have you ever played rippa rugby? Well I have with a cool and amazing couch.

When we just started training with Nick our couch, the first thing we did was a relay to get warmed up and then we learned to play was netball rippa. We got into two groups, red and blue. Now I will tell you the mysteries rules of netball rippa. First they play rock, paper, scissors, then they pass the ball to the first runner but this is the mysterious bit - you are not allowed to take one single step but you can do a forward pass to win the game and be named the ultimate champion team the end ‘Don, don, doooonnnn!’

By Sililo.

Phaydon has the ball and is looking to pass!

Blog about Ripper Rugby

Have you played on ripper-rugby on Wednesday with a cool coach?
We just started on Wednesday and we trained with a nice coach and we passed the ball and we caught it.  It was a good day.

By Manoa.
It's all go!

Have you ever played a game called ripper rugby? Well I have.

On Wednesday we went to play ripper rugby with our couch called Nick. It was cool. We ran around the court, it was great.

  By Usher

Have you ever played ripper rugby wildly?
Well I have.
Ripper rugby is really good because you can get really active instead of just sitting home being lazy at home.

By Sione

Izya 'belts up'
We played rugby on every Wednesday and it was great fun.
Last Wednesday we played rugby and I was in the blue team. First we had to warm-up by catching and running etc. Then we played proper ripper rugby. Kunal wanted to be in blue team but unfortunately he was in red team. We won the match. It was an great fun. I loved this game. The name of the game is ripper rugby. Thanks

     By Aryan
A ripper-relay!
ROOM 18: Awesome!

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