Thursday, 22 May 2014

2014: The Room 18 Blogging Revolution Continues!

2014: The Room 18 Blogging Revolution Continues!

The world leader in school blogging, Room 18, continues to innovate, and now features student-led discussion and musings.

We begin with a look back at Room 18’s Breakthrough Singing Performance:
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Mrs Robinson gets ready to rock with Room 18

On Friday Room 18 tested their vocal chords to the limit. With Mrs Robinson and Mr Robinson showing good citizenship to come to school and use their time time for us. They played the instruments and guided Room 18 through the performance.

We did two performances. In the first we sang Samoan Skies with Mrs Robinson playing the acoustic guitar and Mr Robinson playing the electric guitar in the key of D. For our second song we sang Johnny B. Goode. You would have not believed the chords on the guitar! It was beyond compare. We even had people in Room 16 rocking an invisible guitar. We did a surprise third performance which was not just from Room 18, but all SPS, and it rocked it but the whole school.

By Alyssa

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On Friday Room 18 went up on stage to sing with Mrs Robinson and Mr Robinson.
It was fun and great to show the whole school how Room 18 rocks.
By Zafira
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When I was in Year 1 Mrs Shortt asked me to go on stage in front of the whole school. I went on stage to read my story. But while I was reading the microphone turned off and everybody started laughing, so I was afraid to go on stage.

But on Friday when Room 18 went on stage and
it wasn't that bad after all! Since that day I now want to go on stage more often.

By Kunal

Inline image 3
Jamming with Mr & Mrs Robinson!

It was cool when Mr Robinson played his guitar on stage. It was fun performing to the whole of SPS.

By Orlando

First we went on stage in front of everyone. The most amazing bit was singing to the audience with Mrs Robinson and I would like to do it again.
By Ryan

Room 18- Awesome!

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