Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Room 18: The Wizard of Mystery!

Room 18:
The Wizard of Mystery!

Geshvin is The Wizard of Mystery!

Leki is Fasper, The Mystery Ghost!

The students of Room 18 have shown their understanding of citizenship by constructing a play all on their own to encourage people to be good citizens.
Alyssa and Sela introduce the show to 100 plus kids!

The Room 18’ers, including Jayde, Alyssa, Geshvin, Kunal, Trent and Jordan, wrote the amazing script. Alyssa directed, and Aryan played the live music. There was a role for every member of the class, and the end result was amazing.
The road to Scribbles

‘The Wizard of Mystery’ was so amazing that it was performed at Scribbles, a local day-care organisation, and at several classes in the junior school.
Sililo and Trent in action!

The Room 18’ers showed their amazing ability by tackling head-on a big project and by making it work.
The boys are in 'outer space.'

Room 18: Good Citizens!

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