Friday, 27 March 2015

Room XV’s Assembly Blog

Room XV’s Assembly Blog
By Nivarah

Friday 27th March2015( MMXV)

Room XV presenting to everyone!

We had the idea to have our assembly by having everyone in Room XV sit in a U-shaped letter. Then Mr Cowlrick chose our part in the assembly then we had to practice all parts of our roll. We all had to write our own scripts and we were all the main presenters.

Afterwards we went into the hall to practice on the stage to get our confidence up to a good level so we were not scared when we spoke to the whole school on assembly day.

Hrs Hanline and the Travelwise crew join Room XV

Then on Friday we practiced lots of times so we were prepared to speak in front of the whole school. And THEN it was SHOW TIME!!!!!

The first presenters were Felise and Samantha. They both were the introducers of the National Anthem so once Felise said “ATTENTION!” Room XV would stand.

SPS is spellbound!

Later I presented Levi the bear to the class who sat up the best during assembly. That was Room 9.

I enjoyed assembly because we were hosting it and we got to show our stuff.

Room XV- Awesome!

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