Monday, 30 March 2015


Group 3 ready for action
On Monday the whole of Te Manawa did a fantastic practice of a human timeline. We performed in front of the Te Manawa teachers and some students from Room 17, and they were wearing special dark blue shirts to show they were a special audience. Later that day we performed for the junior school.

History in Action!

I was the narrator for my group and I was also the head leader. As the group leader I had to give everyone particular parts so we could work together to show in a freeze frame. Each group was showing a key event from 
World War 1.

August 4th 1914!

As the narrator I had to tell my audience five things about our freeze frame and what our freeze frame was about. I had to tell the audience the five most important things about it.


When I finished talking the teachers said that I did an awesome job and that I thought that I was in the ‘Awesome Cycle’. Everyone in my group did great.

By Chloe.

Freeze Framing conflict resolution!

Today, on the 30th of March, Te Manawa and Room XV made an awesome human timeline on the field. Group 3 did a freeze frame to show what happened on 12th October 1917. I was in Group 3. We went to the field to practice, and then we performed for the juniors. On Tuesday we will perform for the seniors. It was fabulous and exciting.

By Meliame

ROOM XV - Incredible!

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