Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Room XV: Gallipoli

Room XV:
Room XV's 'Trenches'

Yesterday everyone in Room XV had to go into the trenches of Gallipoli, as part of our Inquiry investigation.

We were all pretending that we were World War 1. It was so fun. Also it felt real with all the sounds from World War 1 playing in the background.

We tasted what they made in World War 1. It’s called Hard Tack which tasted like bread. I’ve seen Hard Tack before because it’s on this game that I’ve played before.

Most of us imagined that the trenches were real. It’s was extremely  dangerous. Three of us died from the snipers and ‘big as’ machine guns. Last but not least we had to write letters to our parents and family. We had to write letters back to back to our loving families.

It was so fun I wish you could of been there.

By Bosco, Room XV


  1. Looks like lots of wonderful learning and new experiences are taking place in room 15. Tau ke! Awesome room 15 and Mr Cowlrick.
    Thank you for sharing.