Saturday, 21 February 2015

Room XV’s Art with Whaea Dagma

Room XV’s
Kapriyani, Elisa and JoArnia study their subject
Whaea Dagma

On Thursday Room XV went to Room 22 to do art with Whaea Dagma.

When we got there we had to sit down on the high and low chairs. We each got a white piece of paper. With the paper we had to draw flowers that were different.

William makes his mark!
When we were drawing our cool flowers, Whaea Dagma played some music for us. It was really fun because we did three pieces of artwork. We drew flowers that our artist drew. Her name was Georgia O’Keeffe.

On our third black piece of paper we were learning how to blend colours. When we blended the colours it looked so cool.
Whaea Dagmar shows the way.

When we left we felt a bit upset because we wanted to stay and do more art, but we felt proud of ourselves.

By Chloe, Room XV

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