Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The Legend Begins!

Welcome to Sylvia Park School’s Room 15 2015 blog.
To celebrate this first entry, here is a letter from one of our new students, Bosco. All of Room 15’s awesome students have written letters, and have shown that they have really taken to expressing themselves in written form.

Mr Cowlrick 
Teacher of Room 15
Sylvia Park School 
Longford St
Mt Wellington
Auckland 1060

Monday 16th February 2015

Room 15
Sylvia Park School
Longford St
Mt Wellington 1060

To Mr Cowlrick,

I am writing to you to tell you all the amazing stuff I did in the holidays.

In the holidays I had a wonderful time at the Fun Fest. I went with my sister and her friend, and also my mum. All of us had such an amazing time going on cool rides.

In the holidays I also went to my sister’s waka ama because she was a competitor. The whole of my family went. Also we stayed at a cool motel. On the last day went to Hamilton town square. The town square was cool because it had a big chess table. Me and my sister had a game. We stayed at a wonderful motel in Hamilton. This motel was lots of fun.

Thank you very much for reading what I did in the holidays.



-Room XV: Ultimate -

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