Tuesday, 16 December 2014

ROOM 18: Achievement In The Field of Awesome!

ROOM 18:
Achievement In The Field of Awesome!
Amazing Students in Action!

Room 18 continued its march to greatness right up until the final whistle! Every student believed that they could succeed and they did.


The entirety of Room 18 managed to enter the 2014 ‘AFX Hall of Fame’ – an achievement to be proud of. Achieving in the Field of Excellence is the goal that all students strive for, and Room 18'ers made sure they did.


The top five students were all rewarded with the honour of their achievements… as well as a certificate and a bespoke lollie jar; rewards too great to count! 

The AFX Hall of Fame!

Also, Alyssa and Geshvin received the Awards for Excellence in Room 18. They walked the stage at the end of year SPS Prize Giving to celebrate their hard work. Maranatha also received the greatest improvement award, but was on holiday in Oz.


Phaydon received the Year 6 prize for most outstanding Art Student at the prize giving. Alyssa also received the runner-up award for the best Year 6 speech. Truly outstanding!

Room 18 in 2014 has shone brightly and all students have achieved as never before.

Room 18: The Best!  

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