Saturday, 17 May 2014

Room 18: Recount Writing continued!


Room 18 has continued its focus on recount writing in Term 2, with some excellent results! Sililo’s recount is a very descriptive piece about his incredible adventure at Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World. Read and enjoy!


Have you ever seen the wonderful sea creatures of Kelly Tarlton’s? In the wonderful holidays me and my family went to see the most dangerous, most ferocious sea creatures of all, the amazing and most wonderful TIGER SHARK!

The first thing I went to see at Kelly Tarlton’s was the amazing cold blooded penguins. When we saw the penguin they were splashing water everywhere, even on me. Luckily I was wearing a very comfortable jumper. The jumper was as warm as a wooly coat.

Then we went to see the light orange sea horses. They looked so cool just like the awesomest rainbow I had ever seen in my entire life.  When we were about to go I saw the a little baby sea horse sleeping in the mothers pouch it looked just like a new born baby.

After that we went to see the beautiful kings of the sea, THE SHARKS. They looked like they were fake because they were floating still like they were dead, but when I looked at them again they were swimming as fast as a cheetah but twice the speed. It was cool because they were dashing through the water like it was the fastest thing in the world, even faster than light.

Then we got to see the wonderful short tailed stingrays. When we saw them they were gliding through the water like they were gliding through the sky like a bird that has finally released from its cage. Then out of that suspicious looking door, a man in a mysterious swimming suit came out and jumped into the tank of stingrays and had no fear of them. He was truly a man. Than he fed the stingrays with some kind of fish food, than he told us every single fact in a recount just like this one you are reading. He told it like he was a scientist.

The last thing we saw was the puffer fish. It had spikes like a porcupine and could blow up like a balloon but with water inside.

It was so cool. I’d love to come back to Kelly Tarlton’s to see more amazing sea creatures someday.

By Sililo

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