Thursday, 8 May 2014

Room 18: 2014 - Ideas in Action

2014: The Year of Creative Writing in Room 18

This Term Room 18 kicks off the ‘uber blog’ with a recount written by Geshvin. 
Enjoy the writing and the creativity.

Dolphin Watching

When dolphins swim across the water it makes boats seem slow. When we saw the dolphins they looked like cheetahs running at light speed. We couldn’t see them properly because of their dark skin but they were very fast.

Have you ever encountered a dolphin? First, when me and my family got on the boat and I wasn't interested. Not one bit of excitement. I was completely bored. Even though it was the the holidays I wasn’t very happy about going on the trip because I like to stay home.

Then the weather started to bother me. The sun was shining bright but the winds were as cold as a blizzard! We were at sea for a very long time and it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t stand the boredom.

When finally we saw the dolphins they were next to a neighbouring boat which was as tall as Mt. Everest! The dolphins were on the side of the boat. When they swam they were a streak of grey swimming across the water. One of them even jumped up and made a volcano of water! We took a lot  of pictures of them.

When we got home everyone thought that it was great. I thought it was ok. It was fun but I hope next time the dolphins show up sooner.

By Geshvin

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