Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Room 18: The JGeeks Experience!

Room 18: 
The JGeeks Experience!

Room 18 were hit by the entertainment experience that is the outfit known as ‘JGeeks.’ It was an unusual, exciting and educational performance.  
Whaea Barb, Whaea Dagmar and JGeeks

JGeeks came to national attention with their hit single ‘Maori Boy’ – a hit tune that swept the nation. They theyn exploded into middle New Zealand with their high-energy performances on ‘New Zealand’s Got Talent.'
JGeeks enter the arena!

 Their first rate showmanship showed enthralled the crowd and opened a new dimension of educational experiences to Room 18.

Room 18 were amazed and inspired by the JGeek message of following ones' dreams and being yourself.

Always finding new areas and ways to learn: Room 18!

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