Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Room 18: The Pak N Save Experience

Room 18:
The Pak N Save Experience

The students embrace the task of label reading
Elizabeth & Anahere hard at work
Room 18, as a apart of their inquiry into ‘Being a Better Me’ visited Pak N Save Sylvia Park, with the fantastic nutritionist Naomi.

Pornphan checks milk labels

The Students safely raced around the fantastic superstore to check various product labels to see what should be an ‘everyday food’ and what was a ‘sometimes treat.’

Manaia & Rahil read labels to find out which bread is for everyday consumption

Information on how to read a nutrition label

Armed with the information they had learnt from their inquiry, and from Naomi, the students sorted information which will help inform their choices in days and years to come.

Miss Amanda stops by to give extra information

Always finding new areas and ways to learn: Room 18!

Learning in Room 18: The Next Level.

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