Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Room 18: The Old Tree Leaves

Room 18:
The Old Tree Leaves
The Old Tree enters its final hours
Room 18 were sad to see the ‘Old Tree’ leave the SPS senior field, as it was removed to make way for a new two-storey, four-classroom construction, which is to begin shortly. The learning experiences in the new complex will be endless!
The Old Tree; all gone

New native trees will be planted to make up for deficit in flora & fauna on the field after the construction of the new block is completed.

Mr Timo and others were sad but were also looking forward to a positive learning-focused future where all options are open and the sky is the limit!

Tomorrow is another day!

As one historic SPS chapter closes, another will open!
A brighter future emerges! 

Room 18: The Next Level!

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