Thursday, 24 October 2013

Room 18: Swimming!

Room 18: 
Swimming for Sport, Health & Physical Education!

Room 18 hit the pool this week to further their work in Health & PE. 
The time spent swimming is also future-proofing our students as it helps prepare them for safety in the water and a life of waterborne activities.  

Sione gazes upon an aquatic marvel

The students took to the water like salmon as the heated pool provided a fun excursion with many laughs.

The boys practice their floating

The pool is a modern marvel of design and a sign of community spirit.

Community Excellence

Room 18 amazed themselves with how keen they were for the water and adeptly they moved around the pool.

Always finding new areas and ways to learn: Room 18!

The Next Level

Physical Learning in Room 18: The Next Level.

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