Tuesday, 9 December 2014


ROOM 18:

Prashneel jumps up to receive a hot chip from Alyssa! 

The SPS kids ride the Invader!
Aifala, Usher and Darryn chill
Most of the Room 18’ers, and other good citizens from all over SPS hit Rainbows End to celebrate having done a good job and been a good citizen throughout 2014. Milk monitors, travelwise citizens and students who held extra responsibilities throughout the year all got to have a fantastic day at the place ‘where the fun begins!’
Aryan hits the dodgems!
The students got to experience many spectacular amusement park rides, including the dodgems, rollercoaster and the log-flume.
An amazing day was had by all.
Trent awaits a roller coaster ride.

Aryan enjoys a snake
Rainsbows awesome!

ROOM 18: So Good!

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