Sunday, 30 November 2014

ROOM !8: AFL Returns to SPS!

ROOM !8:
AFL Returns to SPS!
Zafira enjoys her slice of Aussie culture!
The Room 18’ers once again got to find out how amazing the game of Australian Rules Football is when the NZ ambassadors of the game returned.

Aussie Rules go wild!

The AFL coach, Ryan, showed the skills to the students who loved the new experience of bouncing an oval ball.

The many drills made the practice incredibly fun. 

Ahmed is sunsmart and AFL-smart!

Bring on more AFL please!

Room 18: Always Incredible

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  1. That was cool - Aeshvin
    I like your Blog - Dustin
    Room 18, you did so many things. Looks like lots of hard work - Zaafira
    Room 18, I hope you did lots of hard work - Jesse
    Was AFL fun? Could you come and teach us - Miss S

    From Rm1