Wednesday, 5 November 2014

ROOM 18: Halloween Sharing!

ROOM 18:
Halloween Sharing!
Alyssa & Zafira celebrate friendship with 'haunted' cupcakes.

Jordan is buzzed about sharing

Room 18 continued its awesomeness with another example of sharing, caring and enjoying good times.

Scary and delicious!

Alyssa brought along some spooky, yet joy-filled cupcakes to share with all of her fellow awesome Room 18’ers. Both the vanilla and chocolate flavoured delicious mini-cakes were of extreme quality and set the tone for the day ahead.

Sela and Jordan also brought along enough spooky lollipops for the entire class.

Room 18'ers sharing!

All of Room 18 thanked the generous Alyssa, Jordan and Sela for their delicious treats. Halloween, like any occasion, became another day where students had the chance to express their team orientated thoughtfulness and their sharing-focused attitudes.

Room 18: Always on Point

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