Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Room 18: Secret 7


One of Room 18’s sharpest writers, Alyssa, recounts what our Inquiry day of action was like for her, when Te Manawa helped out people in seven secret ways!

Extended Eight

Has your energy ever been drained out? Cleaning up trash, performing, walking, washing cars and all you can think of. Sounds easy? NOT WHEN YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!! So, you may all have special events at your school but, have you ever tried having 4 all in the same day?!? It sounds pretty hard but Te Manawa can handle it.

We all got around to the senior court at exactly 9:00 to see what would be happening. Whaea Emma gave us full and clear instructions on what to do. Next thing I know, all of Te Manawa had dirty gloves on their hands and we became dirty pigs. The activity we were doing was disgusting, we were picking up rubbish and leaves from where people spend their play time at. YOU CANNOT BELIEVE ALL THE LEAVES AND RUBBISH. Many of us were playing but we managed to pick up lots of rubbish and when I mean a lot, I mean A LOT. We filled up about 10 bags and there were still heaps of leaves on the ground!!! There were even worms and slugs. I wished we got paid.

In the second block, after eating morning tea, we had two guests in our room. Wonder why? IT’S TIME TO DO OUR PLAY! Our play was called ‘The Wizard of Mystery’ and the whole of room 18 made it by ourselves. We had to walk to Scribbles. When we got there the very first thing we could notice was a fish tank!! It was massive, there were all types of fish! Wait, wanna play a game? It’s called “finding nemo”. We came in and it was amazing, they had a big stage where we could even perform on. Now I was getting scared. One line or not, I need my mummy. I wonder how the other actors feel? We did the play and it was amazing “3, 2, 1, HUZZAH!” And my favourite line, “Don’t pick on other kids- it’s wrong just to prove you're big and strong, be kind in what you say and do as what goes out comes back to you!” The scribble play went well, just two more classes to go! Get ready Juniors because the Wizard of Mystery is here!

After all the plays filled with hard work that we just did, don’t think it is over yet. All of Te Manawa  went to have a Water Fight well actually it was a car wash. We cleaned many cars to thank all the teachers of being so helpful. But you will never guess what happened, the loom fairies paid a visit each dropping colourful loombands by the windshields of cars. The loom bands were as colourful as a rainbow. We were having so much fun but I think people got more wet than the cars. We looked like we had just came out of a pool! But at least some of us took a bath.  When the sun dried up the cars were shining as bright as a sparkling diamond, it was beautiful. Round of applause for Te Manawa.

When we all dried up from the carwash, the fun still wasn’t over for me, Liana and Tavake. We were about to have the time of our lives. It wasn’t too much work as you would think but, I actually had so much fun!! We had amazing food, mini-hamburgers, wedges and cake, but now that I thought about it, it wasn’t too cool. We had headed to Eden Park for the Travelwise Extravaganza. It was getting so boring, I was almost about to sl-  “Kahoo, kahoo.” Then came,“Now presenting TITANIUM!” OH MY GOSH! AHHHHH! I DIDN’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE BUT, AHH!!

After they performed they announced the winners and Sylvia Park School won two awards!! One for best safety and the other for best lead teacher: Miss Leona, or should we say… Miss Leonie. They had a big spelling error. The Travelwise concert finished and we drove off back to school.

I had an amazing day, the best actually as it was so much fun. I wish I can redo the day!! For next year we should try again. GO TE MANAWA!

By Alyssa

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