Monday, 3 March 2014

Room 18 2014: Games of Trust

Room 18: 2014
Games of Trust
Trent leads Sililo

The SPS Inquiry this term is all about understanding what makes a good partnership. 
To help see what makes a vital ingredient of partnership work, Room 18 students took part in a fantastic trust game. 
Usher makes it throw the unknown.
Students were blindfolded, then with a guide, were lead around a fantastic obstacle course which involved water-balloons and the need to crawl on along the ground.

The students who were blindfolded had to trust their guides and follow them. They learnt that this was going to be the only way that their partnership was going to work, the only way they were going to make it through the course.
Darryn senses the trust

Learning about what makes a promise and what forms a successful partnership: Room 18.

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  1. Like the way you talked about learning this term from Angela your best mate room