Monday, 24 February 2014

Room 18 2014: Singing For Partnership

Room 18: 2014
Singing For Partnership

Whaea Emma leads the way!
2014 has been lit on fire by the vocal styling's of Room 18 & the Middle School.

Super keen!

This year’s focus is allowing the students to ‘Make Their Mark,’ and this is not just in the classroom. The Room 18-anauts have shown to be keen and rather talented in the singing arena where our school song, the ‘Pepeha Song’ is being perfected by a diverse bunch of musical  exponents.

Whaea Maxx, Mr Naidoo and Whaea Emma lead the musical journey!

In Room 18 we are learning about partnership and are learning to understand New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage. The Pepeha Song is perfect for bringing our school and learning together.

The students of Room 18 are on their way to a path of lifelong learning.

Room 18: Yeah!

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