Friday, 28 March 2014

Room 18 2014: Making Their Mark On Stage!

ROOM 18 2014:
Making Their Mark
On Stage!
Gershvin interviews Zafira

Students reveal their marks to SPS

Room 18 represented the Middle School of SPS and of course themselves, as one third of the class stepped on stage at Fridays SPS assembly. The students of Room 18, led by their MC Gershvin, hit the stage and presented their mihi’s to a responsive audience!
Kunal, Jayde and Giani await the moment that they can talk about their mark

They then presented their ‘marks’ – a design that they have created to represent who they are and where they are from; not to mention where they are going. They each did so on a giant piece of paper, showing their marks to be simple and effective. Each student verbally explained their amazing symbols.
Giani explains her mark

Room 18 finally showed a video, featuring all of the class and let the school know how they learn in their ‘Inquiry.’

A great presentation to a great audience.

Room 18: Excellence in Action.