Monday, 17 February 2014

Room 18: 2014 Making & Keeping Promises

ROOM 18: 2014
Making Promises and Keeping Them

Geshvin & Ayla discuss what makes a good partnership

As a part of our inquiry into what making a promise entails, what it means to make a promise and what one means to those who partake in such arrangements, Room 18 made their own promise: a promise to each other and Sylvia Park School.

Room 18's co-constructed Class Treaty lines the classroom wall.

Room 18 constructed a class treaty which outlines how the signatories will behave, act and learn this year at SPS. The entire class signed and are all looking forward to honouring their promise.

Creation in Action

The treaty was constructed by the students, for the students. Room 18 looks forward to even more investigation into what makes a promise and how to keep them.

Room 18: Learning

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