Thursday, 17 October 2013

Room 18: ALiM Maths Camp

Maths Camp

The ALiM (Accelerated Learning in Maths) students in Room 18 had a fantastic beginning to their school holidays as they arrived at Sylvia Park School for extra maths and double fun!

The students play Maths-Twister

Whaea Emma uses lego to introduce 'proportions' to the children

The students learnt more about the wonderful world maths with their incredible ALiM teacher, Whaea Emma, as well as Mrs Singh Ali and Mr Cowlrick in a fun and creative environment.

The students learn about maths through Monopoly

The students played monopoly, took quizzes, baked, played maths-twister and even went on a trip to Pak’N Save.

Food was 'equally shared'

It was all go, with various fun tasks showing the power and excitement of Mathematics. Maths was shown to be a part of the world outside of the classroom and an important skill.

The children thanked Whaea Emma with their learning as they engaged in the world of maths! 

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