Monday, 17 August 2015


Room XV have been writing speeches this term to convince others of their point of view.
Harishna’s speech tells certainly has a point of view.

Why Owners’ Must Take Control of Their Cats?

Would you like it if all birds were extinct? Well I’m sure you wouldn’t like it. Cats are almost everywhere in the world, hunting lovely,delicate birds. How will they survive?

Only the most sneaky and naughty pets get away with murder, by that I mean cats are killing amazing pet and beautiful,colourful birds. Cats are serial killers!

On Sunday 2nd of August my mum, my mum’s boarder, my brother and I went to a neighbourhood reserve. We wanted to collect some pine cones.Then we saw a dead pet parrot,all of us were in shock. After that scene, we continued picking pine cones. When we were about to go home we saw a dead duckling; that minute I knew a cat would have killed them.

Cats are murdering nearly all of our native birds. Cats are predators to all birds, because they hunt their prey stathly before they attack. There are less native birds in the country than ever before, did you know?It’s because cats are killing those, beautiful, delicate birds. If kiwis are extinct what’s the point of calling ourselves kiwis?

This is why I think that owners’ should take action and control their cats. New Zealand native birds are too beautiful to loose forever!

By Harishna, Rm XV

Room XV: Incredible!

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