Sunday, 24 May 2015

ROOM XV: The Sugar Report

The Sugar Report

Room XV is currently learning to write reports in our writing time; we are also learning to understand how sugar, in particular how too much sugar effects the body. 
Room XV is looking to become apart of the healthy food revolution and make our learning count!

Nivarah working hard on her laptop.

Here are some outtakes from Room XV’s amazing reports:

Sugar is a naturally grown food in Fiji and used all over the world. It’s also used in lots of food and drinks.

Sugar is in all kinds of food. Sugar is in fizzy drinks, lollies and sweet food but if you eat to much sugar you may end up having diseases, like diabetes, heart problems and lung problems when you get obese.

By Pritesh

Pritesh hard at work!

Sugar can cause toothaches. It is really, really bad for little kids under six, as well as those over six. It makes peoples teeth rotten and people will may have to have their teeth pulled out.

By Tupou

Too much sugar can be addictive, but it can also make your food sweeter and nicer. The sugar in many drinks gives people so much energy. That is good but if you set down your energy will go to waste. If you eat too much energy and this will infect your body and might make you obese.

By Bosco

Bosco working hard

Sugar is in most foods in the supermarket and there are only some foods that have no sugar inside them. You can only check to see the amount of sugar by reading the label on the side of food.

By Teaveli

Teaveli and JoArnia hard at work!
Room XV: Super!

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