Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Room XV:

Armel in action on the monkey bars

On Thursday of Week 3 T Manawa did a strength and fitness test, as part of our inquiry. Firstly, Room XV lined up doing the amazing burpees. Half the class went first, and the second half followed.

Harishna swings into action!

Next we did squats. We had to slowly lower our bodies down pretending to sit on an invisible chair and stop and hold ourselves. It was hard.

Room XV alight the concrete with burpees

Then we did shuttle runs across the senior court. You have to do as many shuttle runs from end of one line, touching it with your hand and then run back again to the other line.

Tupou and Loma squatting

Finally we did the amazing and powerful monkey bars swing. We have to keep a record of how many rungs you can swing on (not missing any) before you drop.

David on the monkey bars.

It was incredible.

By David,

Room XV: Incredible

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