Friday, 19 September 2014

ROOM 18: Dance Recital

ROOM 18:
Dance Recital

All Room 18 hit the harlem shake!

Team Harlem Shake rocks the stage!

The awesome students of Room 18 put on a show, along with all of Te Manawa to show how much they’ve learnt in dance this term. 
Team Ghost rocks the robot!

The students didn’t just show how much they’ve learnt to dance, but how much they’ve learnt to put themselves into a place where they can show their amazingness to other people.
Team Superstar entertains!

The four groups; Team Superstar, Team Harlem Shake, Team Ghost, and Team FJ, all danced in front of a large group of parents.
Each team showed amazing ability and confidence!
Team FJ hits the right moves!

Room 18: Amazing!

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