Wednesday, 3 September 2014

ROOM 18: Dance Continues!

ROOM 18: 
Dance Continues!
Alyssa & Aryan show dance is best through awesome teamwork!

Room 18 have taken the next step in their quest to ‘Step Up and Step Out!’
Jayde and 'Team Ghost.'
Room 18’ers have taken to creating their own stage magic by choreographing their own dance in small groups.
Team Harlem Shake in action!
Each group has been choosing their own music, their own moves and choosing to show how dance can answer a question.
Stepping up, and Stepping out!

‘Team Harlem Shake’ is looking to answer the question, “How can dance make your dreams come true?” ‘Team Ghost’ is looking to show citizenship through dance, creating a fantastic level of inquiry synergy.

Room 18: Always rockin’ to the next level!

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