Monday, 9 December 2013

Room 18: Rainbow’s End

Room 18:
Rainbow’s End

The fun begins!
The good Samaritans of Room 18 & the entire senior school at SPS were rewarded with a fantastic end of year treat; a trip to ‘where the fun continues’- Rainbow’s End!

Gateway to NZ's magical kingdom! 

The lucky students who were chosen jumped at the chance and made the most of the fun and good times at NZ’s premier theme park.

Fine Food. Great Times.
The Invader in action

Great friends in action!

Five other schools joined SPS at Rainbow’s End where the fun never stopped.

The Crew

Rockin' On!
The rides were extreme and ready to provide hours of fun!
Mr C races a 'Scorpion kart'
The Power Surge casts a powerful shadow

Mr Timo contemplates his next move.

Bumper Boats
The fun and good times almost never ended. Just like the learning at SPS.

Always finding new areas and ways to learn: Room 18!

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