Monday, 2 December 2013

Room 18: Kai Hauora Part 2

Room 18: Kai Hauora 
Part 2
Junior School students play 'Leapfrog Ultra'

Room 18, continued their Kai Hauora day demonstrating their understanding of working with others, developing relationships and the importance of physical exercise.

Room 18 help the children of the junior school play Leapfrog Ultra

Mrs Maitland looks on

The students of Room 18, led by Otolose and Taina showed Rooms 1,4 and 12 the game of their own creation : Leapfrog Ultra.
Students grab some time in the shade

The students of Room 18 showed their willingness to learn from others as well as share their own learnings with other students.

To cap the day off the entire school watched many of the Tongan students perform a cultural dance in excellent fashion.

Tongan students perform

The students view the amazing performance

Learning in Room 18: The Next Level.

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