Monday, 23 September 2013

Room 18: Whaea Dagmar Returns!

Room 18: Whaea Dagmar Returns!
Flores has made a masterpiece!

Divek begins a fantastic portrait

Room 18 were once again taken down the ‘Art Path’ with Sylvia Park School’s very own artist, Whaea Dagmar.

Whaea Dagmar introduced the concept of ‘cubism’ and introduced the students to the work of Pablo Picasso. The students were enthralled as Dagmar took the students through every step!

Milania produces an amazing portrait

Room 18 began to produce their own ‘Picasso Portraits.’ The level of creativity buzzing in the class was too high to measure!

Room 18 amazed Whaea Dagmar with their work and produced fantastic art for the school to enjoy!

Well done, Room 18!

Visual Learning in Room 18: The Next Level.

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  1. Wow Room 18, I can really see the influence of cubism in your artwork! From Talea Dobbs.