Friday, 20 September 2013

Room 18: Film Festival of Change!

Room 18: Film Premiere!

Anahere prepares to view the films of change!

Room 18 walk, travelwise, done Longford St on their way to Hoyts. 

Room 18 attended the premiere of their class film about change, ‘Kid Prime Minister,’ this week. Many students chose to dress up in their best 'red carpet' outfits.

Rahil, Arul and Zed get ready for the blockbuster premiere
They viewed their own film as well as all the other SPS classes’ films at Hoyts Sylvia Park, on the world’s largest 35mm screen!

The Room 18 students went on a fantastic journey to Sylvia Park mall to see their film. The journey was well worth it!

Room 18 amazed viewers by the quality of their acting, writing and camera work. The reaction was universally fantastic to ‘Kid Prime Minister.’

Well done, Room 18!

Visual Learning in Room 18: The Next Level.

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