Thursday, 30 October 2014

ROOM 18: Te Manawa Sunsmart Sports Day!

ROOM 18:
Te Manawa Sunsmart Sports Day!
The Room 18ers set the Sunsmart tone!
Room 18 and all of the awesome Te Manawa got to have an incredible Friday afternoon as the team was rewarded with a Sunsmart day of sports and sportsmanship!
Te Manawa sportsmanship in action!

Students, in their most awesome hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, competed to see who had the best sportsmanship.


Students were put into interclass teams who then competed in a wide range of sports, including touch and netball. Points were awarded for wins, but more were given for awesome sportsmanship.

A wonderful game of Touch!

Students celebrated their endeavours with laughter in the knowledge that they were practising what they were learning; being Sunsmart is the Te Manawa way.

Room 18: Just Incredible

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