Thursday, 14 August 2014

ROOM 18: Persuasive Writing!

ROOM 18: Persuasive Writing!
Room 18 have been creating amazing pieces of persuasive writing showcasing their all-around writing skills.

Below is Alyssa's amazing piece. She's very convincing in her argument, and I’m sure that you’ll agree with her that we should all dance.

Why should everyone love dance?

Dear everyone, and yes that is you!

I am Alyssa from room 18. I strongly believe that dance is for EVERYONE! It was made for those amazing dreams to become fit and a triple threat.

Firstly, turning into a funky man is harder than you think. After all it’s not just healthy food that keeps you feeling fit. Just think of hip hop, you can pop it, lock it, but you won’t be gaining it. It’s like you’re an enormous elephant turning into a mini mouse. You might not know this but yoga is a type of dance. There are many people who are known to go to yoga and come back as human bobble heads. Just because you’re moving you become fitter and fitter each day!

Secondly, dance is for everybody! Even for you. Wait.. don’t tell me you don’t like dance, do you!?! Well if you do it is pretty obvious you haven’t found your type. It doesn’t matter if you are shy. You have to step up and make your mark! It is super easy. Just stand up! Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care. But make sure your pants don’t fall down. But wait, theres even more! Salsa, robot, zumba, country. Theres way too many to name. As you can see there are over a 1000 dances. So dance belongs to everyone!

Thirdly, singing and acting are two of those careers that can go up to making over $1000 per month! Who doesn’t want to live that dream? So don’t start thinking it is impossible because nothing is. Singing and acting are amazing. But once you are able to add dancing into your career it can boost you up so high it’s like you're climbing a ladder so high that no one can see you anymore. Also when you can sing, act and dance you become a triple threat. Sure it sounds bad but it truly isn’t. Being a triple threat lets the people look upon you, you are their idol. Great right? Don’t just dance for the sake of it, but because you love it!

In conclusion dance really does have more to it than you think. So why are you here being a lazy cat? Stand up and harlem shake!

Dance like no one is watching you

By Alyssa

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