Thursday, 15 August 2013

Room 18 Speech Challenge, 2013!

Room 18
Speech Challenge, 2013!

Zed gave a powerful speech.

Annaleigh gave a powerful speech about how children should walk to school.

The focus on change continues! New learning, new understandings, and new experiences!

The students are learning to cope with change and speaking in front of the class is a new and exciting one!
Starr gave a powerful speech!

The students took to speeches like white on rice and embraced the challenge. As a part of the writing programme, students have been practising their persuasive writing, and learning to present it in a verbal form.
Sione wants children to not bring gum to school!

Otolose and Sione beat a very tough field to earn the right to represent Room 18 at the SPS Speech Championships. Their dedication to their new craft is first rate.
Otolose delivers a powerful speech against bullying

Room 18 is once again making it happen!

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